Women Together - Global

Redefining what’s possible for women & girls though global learning exchanges

Across the globe, grassroots women’s groups play an essential role in the development and wellbeing of their communities. However, their impact is limited by their isolation. Socio-cultural and economic restrictions deprive many women of the chance to travel beyond the boundaries of their own communities in order to teach and learn from each other.

Supporting grassroots women’s groups to travel and meet, WOMEN TOGETHER catalyzes the direct transfer of knowledge and skills from woman-to-woman, and builds solidarity for the global women’s empowerment movement. 

Imagine Nutrition Educators from Mozambique travelling to meet HIV Positive Mothers in Malawi to share knowledge of locally-grown nutritional supplements, or women’s Self Help Groups from India meeting Economic Development groups in Uganda to create new models for village-based banking.

WOMEN TOGETHER supports a unique program of peer-peer education built on four main activities:


How is Women Together unique compared to other women’s education and empowerment programs?

  1. A peer-to-peer learning environment empowers women themselves as knowledge-bearers, educators and leaders.

  2. Women travel to teach and learn in diverse settings, expanding their experience, and breaking barriers to independence and autonomy.

  3. Women build both real and digital communities of learning and support, establishing a worldwide network for women who are largely unseen on the global stage.

  4. Women share and document locally relevant, indigenous and community-generated knowledge and skills.

  5. Together, women’s groups create technologies that are sustainable, transferable, and environmentally protective.

  6. Women build solidarity and peace across racial, ethnic, religious, cultural and national boundaries.

Connecting women’s grassroots groups across boundaries of culture and geography, Women Together creates a new paradigm for women-led development.

 We are so thrilled at Let Yourself Trust to be teaming up with such a force for women’s education and empowerment!

To learn more, visit Women Together’s website at: https://www.womentogetherglobal.com

Or watch this fantastic video to get a glimpse of what Women Together are all about:

Stefan Joseph