Project Somos - Guatemala


From July to December, we will be focusing on our second partnership, with Project Somos, a Children’s Village in Guatemala.

Project Somos’ goal is to create a village which provides a secure home, a loving family and a hopeful future to Guatemalan children and at-risk mothers in need. The Children’s Village is being constructed just outside of Tecpán, Guatemala, and will be comprised of seven homes with 7 mothers and 49 children. Two of the family homes are now complete and await families. The vision is to build a village that will be ecologically and financially sustainable for orphans and single mothers struggling to raise their families.

The project is run by Heather Knox and Greg Kemp, who moved to Guatemala in 2011, and have made this children’s village their life’s work. Let Yourself Trust was started to help projects just like these all over the world – husband and wife teams doing incredible work that falls under the radar. Consequently, Project Somos and their wonderful work will be our second project in the second half of 2014.

For additional info on Project Somos, visit:

We will be adding more information both here and on the Blog in the coming weeks about Project Somos, once we’ve completed funding for the Palestine Theatre in June, so please check back soon!

Stefan Joseph